How do I get to watch the episode that I missed?

All episodes started airing at 6:00 PM Eastern US time starting February, 1st and will be available for 24 hours, after which time the next episode was loaded onto our site..

The episode that is scheduled to be aired will air for 24 hours. The episodes aired in past days will no longer be available. When Episode 1 goes live 6pm EST, February 1st it will remain available throughout the entire 7 days. You can watch episode 1 at the link below.

The series will be available for purchase from February 3rd, if you want to have a copy for yourself and to watch anytime. The episodes will be available on your member's page, so you will be able to watch the episodes you missed through your digital access when you have purchased the series.

Here is the page where you can order one of the Live Longer, Feel Better packages

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